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Obtain deletions for unverified debt

Obtain verification for verified debt

Negotiate credit rating
when debt is to be paid

Financial advising on how to increase your credit scores

Remove aliases

Remove old addresses

Update employment position and employment history

Update credit reports
if accounts are paid

Establish Credit and Rebuilding of credit

Assist with adding positive trade lines to credit reports.

Monitor Credit Reports for delivery of positive trade lines.

Monitor Credit Reports for delivery of positive trade lines.

Car payment reduction.

Who We Are

Our dedicated staff is here to help you on your way to a brighter future. We are sincere about your success and have the tools to make it happen.  We will fight for you; our partnered attorneys have recovered over $80,000.00 in small claims violations, FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and FDCPA violations (Fair Debt Collecting Practices Act). 

Who else is better to fight for your rights or clean up your credit than a staff of former debt collectors, previously employed by multi-million-dollar companies?  We know the ins and outs of collections and credit and we are here to help without the high fees! Many of our clients recover funds and received updated credit scores that are cleared of 85 to 90% of all negative occurrences.

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