Actual Client Results

Our programs are highly personalized and our focus is to GET RESULTS. Simply put, we know what works to achieve improvements specific to each client's need.

So what is an improvement? An improvement consists of deletions, falloffs or a more positive status for an account. We work to make sure that your credit report reflects accurate, complete and correct information. This goes well beyond simply seeking a deletion—if an item is yours, are all components of the item reported correctly and accurately? Our approach has generated tremendous results for our clients. Each case is different, and results will vary based upon the specific issues contained on your credit reports as well as the amount of time you are willing to commit to your credit report repair. Our clients may also continue to see positive changes on their reports due to our efforts even after our services have been rendered. These improvements generally lead to higher scores and better borrowing opportunities.

Below are just a few examples of actual results for clients who have acquired our services.

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What Do Our Clients Say?

  • Erika Figueroa
    It is official...the rest of my contract is completed and 6-8 months shall be until completion of my BRAND SPANKING NEW HOME... (more…)
    Erika Figueroa
  • LaShonda T. Taylor
    Rachel Speight-Hudson you are definately an expert at what you do! I appreciate you.
    LaShonda T. Taylor
  • Mr. and Mrs. Diaz
    Your work is truly amazing and definately changes lives. I thank you for all that you did and hopefully we shall (more…)
    Mr. and Mrs. Diaz
  • Sharina Griffin
    I wanna say thanks to Rachel Speight-Hudson aka "The Credit Lady". Without you my life wouldn't be back on track. (more…)
    Sharina Griffin
  • Les Randall
    I just walked off the car lot like a boss!!! I knew I was gonna be approved. LOL Thank you Rachel - (more…)
    Les Randall
  • Elysia M Parrish
    Sitting here, literally with tears in my eyes. Got a message to check my inbox.....let me 1st say, people are placed in (more…)
    Elysia M Parrish

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