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Your payment has been successfully processed!
Now we need you to complete the intake application below.  The information is pretty straight-forward and should not take much time to complete.  ***PLEASE DO NOT SKIP SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION***

1303 10th Street East
Building C - Suite A
Palmetto, FL 34221
Phone: (941) 567-6232 fax number: (941) 981-5106


Authorization to Release Information and Pull Credit – To Whom It May Concern:

I authorize you to provide Pursue, Overtake & Recover Services, Inc, with any and all information and documentation that they request. Such information includes, but is not limited to, employment history and income, bank accounts and similar account balances; credit history and copies of income tax returns. A copy of this authorization may be accepted as an original to verify my information and when requested a prompt reply to any inquiring party is appreciated.

I authorize the release of information concerning the status and disposition of my account information to Pursue, Overtake & Recover Services, Inc. Pursue, Overtake & Recover Services, Inc. may obtain this information and negotiate on my behalf for any account I may have. This certification and authorization expire in one (1) year from the date of signature unless limited by state law. In which case, the authorization continues in effect for the maximum period, not to exceed one (1) year, allowed by law.

I hereby authorize COMPANY WHOM POR SERVICES REFERS to obtain our credit and discuss with the agent above if needed to assist with the mortgage process.