Rachel Speight-Hudson

Growing up, Rachel always had the desire of becoming a civil trial attorney and/or owning her own business. On the road to pursuing these goals, she found herself in a downward spiral. From1997 to 2000 she was a single parent on disability. During that time Rachel encountered mounds of devastating problems in her life. Some were caused by reckless decision making, like losing custody of her children, losing her home, transportation, and even her freedom.

Despite those serious setbacks, she found the strength to continue her education and explore avenues to improve her life. In 2001, she enrolled in Manatee Community College, choosing a dual major in Criminal Justice and Legal Assisting. From 2001 to 2002, she was able to overcome her obstacles one by one. She obtained custody of her children, found adequate housing, and solved her transportation issues. During this time, Rachel slowly regained all of the things she lost during the toughest times in her life.

In 2004, she was introduced to “Restoration and Deliverance Center”, where Jacquelyn Harvey-Bobien and Michael Bobien are the acting Pastors. This was the place where she developed a strong relationship with God through His word. It was His word that gave her the faith and strength to conquer her disability, and leave welfare behind in 2006.

That same year, with her will, faith and strength in tact, Rachel landed a job with a collection agency. During the course of studies and newfound employment, she could see how God was preparing a better way for her. In 2007 she had become one of the most qualified applicants to be accepted by the CEO Entrepreneur business training program. She completed the program, which was hosted by Comerica Bank and instructed by Karen McGee and Associates. During her time spent in the field of debt collection, Rachel realized that too many consumers are not aware of the rights they had, and that many of these rights were being violated. They had no knowledge of the laws that governed the industry, or the existence of the fair credit reporting act laws she witnessed many of the schemes and tactics used by collection agencies and decided she had a problem with the way things were being done.

Using the skills she obtained in this business, she formulated a plan to educate consumers and help many of them enhance their credit scores, and correct their credit report information. In 2008 Rachel took her biggest step, using her knowledge and experience to open “Pursue, Overtake and Recover Services Inc.” a credit auditing and investigating firm based in Bradenton, Florida. She has helped many people throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties obtain monetary awards from those companies bent on violating their rights, through the legal system. In 2009 Rachel became FCRA Certified (Fair Credit Reporting Act),FDCPA Certified (Fair debt Collection Practices Act)

In 2010-2011 Rachel decided to obtain her Real Estate License, after taking the state exam twice she is now a Licensed Realtor with Horizon Realty, only having her license a year has sold 2 homes with 11 under contract. In 2012 she helped 17 families obtain homeownership, selling over 1.9 million dollars in property. Some of her clients has purchased businesses, obtain auto loans, enhance credit scores and their lives. In 2013 she sold over $4.1 million dollars of Residential properties with 23 ready buyers.

In 2014, Rachel has sold an additional $1.4 million in residential properties. Her real estate career has placed many familes in homes when home ownership, at one point, was thought to be impossible.

Mrs. Speight-Hudson is FCRA & FDCPA Certified and is available for debt consultations.

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What Do Our Clients Say?

  • Erika Figueroa
    It is official...the rest of my contract is completed and 6-8 months shall be until completion of my BRAND SPANKING NEW HOME... (more…)
    Erika Figueroa
  • LaShonda T. Taylor
    Rachel Speight-Hudson you are definately an expert at what you do! I appreciate you.
    LaShonda T. Taylor
  • Mr. and Mrs. Diaz
    Your work is truly amazing and definately changes lives. I thank you for all that you did and hopefully we shall (more…)
    Mr. and Mrs. Diaz
  • Sharina Griffin
    I wanna say thanks to Rachel Speight-Hudson aka "The Credit Lady". Without you my life wouldn't be back on track. (more…)
    Sharina Griffin
  • Les Randall
    I just walked off the car lot like a boss!!! I knew I was gonna be approved. LOL Thank you Rachel - (more…)
    Les Randall
  • Elysia M Parrish
    Sitting here, literally with tears in my eyes. Got a message to check my inbox.....let me 1st say, people are placed in (more…)
    Elysia M Parrish

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